Further contribution to the development of the capital’s public transport system

Every day, one million passengers choose public transportation for their travel needs. UNISON contributes by maintaining a clean and safe environment for the public and employees. Services offered include the cleaning of all carriages of the Metro, the Electric Railway and the Tram, consisting of a total of approximately 140 trains, where our teams meet the project’s requirements 7 days a week. In addition, cleaning is extended to the depot facilities, as well as the office buildings of the Urban Rail Trasport (STASY) in Attica. 


Agiou Louka & Ikarou 1,
190 02 Peania
Τ. +30 2130 113 300
F. +30 2130 113 301

Posidonos 87,
570 01 Pilea
Τ. +30 2310 026 500
F. +30 2310 334 728