Contributing to the Reception Conditions of Third Country Citizens 

Accommodation Facilities are located in the mainland and offer temporary accommodation to third country nationals, who have applied for international protection within the territory of Greece. 

The services offered by UNISON to the residents of the Accommodation Facilities incorporate Hard Services (preventive and corrective maintenance) and Soft Services (including cleaning of internal and external spaces, pest control, disinfection and security) for hundreds of accommodation units. More specifically, 350 UNISON employees manage the smooth operation of 16 Accommodation Facilities (nationwide), covering a total area of 700,000sqm, providing temporary accommodation for 12,000 people. 


Agiou Louka & Ikarou 1,
190 02 Peania
Τ. +30 2130 113 300
F. +30 2130 113 301

Posidonos 87,
570 01 Pilea
Τ. +30 2310 026 500
F. +30 2310 334 728