A long-standing partnership with substance 

In a partnership spanning nearly two decades, UNISON has been providing Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services to the largest brewery in Greece. The agreement covers all facilities across the country, with a total area of 535,000sqm, encompassing the management of Hard Services (including preventive and corrective maintenance of systems such as air conditioning, elevators, fire safety & detection, building repairs and insulation, and space renovations), Soft Services (including cleaning, landscaping, personnel transportation, staff catering services, internal mail distribution, pest control, courier services, and environmental space design). 

In addition, the partnership framework allows UNISON to conduct tenders for individual projects and services, collecting and evaluating bids on behalf of the client, with the aim of upgrading its facilities and saving resources. 


Agiou Louka & Ikarou 1,
190 02 Peania
Τ. +30 2130 113 300
F. +30 2130 113 301

Posidonos 87,
570 01 Pilea
Τ. +30 2310 026 500
F. +30 2310 334 728